Works on PanelPrints
Satan’s Camaro is a tag team effort between artists Justin Strom and Lenore Thomas. The goal of our collaboration is to expand our ways of making and seeing by creating artwork that is outside of our individual work. Collaboration requires all parties involved to see things in new ways, to both compromise and push the bounds of the creators and the artwork. The pieces we create combine our individual ideas and aesthetics to make work that at its most basic involves opposites. The work also reflects our interest to create characters out of the machines and the drips and to force them into a relationship with each other. The colorful drips are like parasites sometimes living symbiotically with the machines they inhabit and at other times taking over or destroying their host. There is a narrative created that may be pleasant on the surface but underneath infestations of larva are uncomfortably wriggling around. We often speak of the work in extremes like Slayer verses My Little Pony as a means to explain how we are thinking when we create these pieces. We bring a lot of varying influence to our work: music, design, art, vintage cars, and other forms of popular culture. In one sentence our current work is Slayer meets Stereolab, Halo meets Super Mario Brothers, and Skeletor meets My Little Pony.